What to do if you see a snake

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Have you seen a snake at home?

As Brisbane days get warmer and we head outdoors, it’s also the time for snakes to emerge from their winter slumber to seek warmth in your backyard.

When ascertaining why a Snake may be sighted, we often talk about pressures, or in other words a force compelling a Snake to fulfil its natural instinct. In this article we will run through the top 5 reasons we find snakes moving onto properties, and ways you can mitigate these to reduce encounters.

What to do if you see a snake?

The first and one of the most important and repeated pieces of advice when you’ve spotted a snake is to remain calm, keep your eyes on the snake and move away slowly. Snakes are more scared than you and will generally only attack if it feels threatened.

Once you have found yourself in a safe place, call us immediately at  0476 288 931

It’s also important to keep your pets away from the snake. Often it’s hard for pet owners to see the wound or the bite so it’s crucial that animals that are displaying signs such as vomiting, salivation, lethargy – or collapsing – are taken straight to the vet.

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