Spotted Python

Spotted Python

Is It Dangerous?

The Spotted Python is a species of constrictor Snake and is non-venomous. Due to its small size it is a relatively harmless Snake, however its bite can still cause nasty lacerations aswell as infections.

Where Would You Find It?

Spotted Pythons can thrive in any habitat and ecosystem in South East Queensland. They enjoy forested environments close to water sources as well as semi-arid environments. They utilise ground laying timbers as a means for shelter. They also thrive is rocky environments where they can take refuge.

How Do They Behave?

Spotted Pythons are a nocturnal species. Spotted Pythons actually make great pets due to their easily trained nature, however wild Snakes will often react aggressively if disturbed; rearing their heads off the ground and striking multiple times. Spotted Pythons actually don’t climb as much as its other Python relatives, and Spotted Python s are very at home at ground level navigating in-between rocky outcrops and fallen timber. Spotted Pythons lay on average 10 eggs. When the hatchlings are born, they all leave the next at the same time.

What Does It Eat?

When they are juveniles Spotted Pythons prefer lizards, geckos and small rats and mice. Interestingly, juvenile Spotted Pythons are more likely to climb than their adult counterparts. As they age, Spotted pythons begin hunting adult rats and mice, birds and their favourite prey; bats.

How Big Do They Get?

Spotted Pythons are the largest species in their Genus, however they are still a small Snake. Their average size is 1m, however specimens close to 2m have been recorded. For their size they are quite a petite Snake.

How Common Are They?

Spotted Pythons are scarce throughout South East Queensland despite their conservation status overall being listed as ‘least concern’. They are much more common in the Northern parts of Queensland, but can still occasionally be encountered often times in the yard, garage or laundry as it forages for food.

What Are Its Similar Species?

Spotted Pythons have very distinctive spots on their body therefore making it difficult to confuse them for other species.

Did You Know?

  • Spotted Pythons are one of Australia’s most commonly kept reptile as a pet!
  • There are 3 species of Python is the Spotted Pythons genus: the Children’s Python, the Spotted Python and the Pygmy Python.
  • Spotted Pythons have been observed hanging off the entrances to caves to catch small bats flying in and out.
  • Spotted Pythons are the oldest species in the genus Antaresia.
  • Spotted Pythons can live for up to 20 years in captivity!

A Snake Catchers Story…

“I had a call about a Snake in someone laundry which had made itself at home. The description seemed strange; small head, blotched colour, white underbelly’. When I arrived and went into the laundry I was very surprised to see a Spotted Python staring back at me. We so rarely encounter them but it does happen, particularly on the Scenic Rim where I was. This Snake was all kinds of mean, striking out at me as soon as I got close or made contact. It became apparent pretty quickly that my dance partner wasn’t too keen on a demonstration for the homeowner, and it instead wanted to be put back in its natural environment away from me. I kindly obliged.”