Snake Catcher in Beenleigh


Who Do You Call When You Need a Snake Catcher in Beenleigh?

When you need a snake catcher Beenleigh, look no further than SEQ Snake Catchers. With an in-depth knowledge of the snake species that are common in this area and a team licensed to capture and remove these potentially dangerous animals in accordance with all relevant legislation, we can help you resolve your snake problem quickly and safely.

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What Sets SEQ Snake Catchers Apart Regarding Snake Removal Beenleigh

What makes us the right people to handle your reptile removal in Beenleigh? Here are a few factors that set SEQ Snake Catchers apart from competing companies in the area:

  • We are standing by for your call at all hours of the day. Snake issues can strike at any time: on the weekend, during the night, or on holiday. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can always trust that we will answer the phone if you have a snake issue that needs attention.
  • We bill fairly. The last thing we ever want is for someone to try to handle a snake on their own—and to end up getting hurt—because they were worried about the cost of professional snake removal in Beenleigh.
  • We know our stuff. All our catchers are licensed to remove snakes (a protected species) and relocate them to a preferable location. We comply fully with the Nature Conservancy Act in the services we provide.

Tips from Your Snake Catcher in Beenleigh

If you do find yourself in a situation where a snake is nearby and poses an imminent threat, here are a few tips from your Beenleigh snake catcher:

  • Don’t waste time or take a risk by trying to identify a snake. It might seem like a smart idea to try to identify a snake and determine if it is venomous before calling for professional assistance. The truth is that identifying snakes based on colour and markings is more difficult than most people think. Furthermore, if you encounter a snake in South East Queensland, there is a 50 percent chance it is venomous.
  • Don’t try to catch or kill the snake yourself. Don’t gamble your life on the odds that 1) you can catch or kill a snake without getting hurt, or 2) the snake is one of the minority of species in the area that isn’t venomous. Ninety-five percent of snakebites are avoidable, and calling a professional is the best strategy for avoidance.
  • Know how to react. Visit our FAQ section for a detailed rundown of what to do if you do encounter a snake. The basics are to keep your distance, not to get in the way of the snake’s escape route and call for a professional opinion.
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Why Customers Should Use SEQ Snake Catchers

At SEQ Snake Catchers, we are extremely knowledgeable about local varieties of snakes, are licensed to catch and remove snakes and are always standing by for emergency calls. Contact us today if you require the help of a snake catcher in Beenleigh.