Small Eyed Snake

Small Eyed Snake

Is It Dangerous?

The Small Eyed Snake is a highly venomous species of snake with dangerously potent myotoxic venom. The culprit in at least one case involving a human death, it is likely responsible for many more. It is aggressive when cornered and will bite multiple times when it has to. When it does not feel threated, the Small Eyed Snake is generally disinclined to bite.

Where Would You Find It?

Small Eyed Snakes are almost always located near a water source, usually a lake or river. They thrive in high moisture level environments, and typically environments where leaf litter or rocky outcrops abound. Around the home, Small Eyed Snakes are scarcely encountered. If they are spotted, it is usually in the garden at night, as they rarely make their way inside.  They can also be found when doing yard work during the day.

How Do They Behave?

Small Eyed Snakes are nocturnal species that forage for food of a night time. During the day, Small Eyed Snakes shelter beneath rocky outcrops and organic debris. As their namesake suggests, the Small Eyed Snake has tiny eyes and therefore relies heavily on scent to hunt its prey. The Small Eyed Snake hunts its favourite prey, lizards, while they sleep. During the night when hunting, the Small Eyed Snake moves above ground, but shelters below during the day.

What Does It Eat?

The Small Eyed Snakes favourite food is skinks, however it eats a wide variety of animals. Primarily a reptile hunting species, Small Eyed Snakes hunt lizard eggs, dragons, legless lizards, blind snakes and other snakes.

How Big Do They Get?

Small Eyed Snakes can grow close to a metre, though are much more commonly encountered under half a metre.

How Common Are They?

The actual population of the Small Eyed Snake remains healthy however Small Eyed Snakes are not common to find. Very rarely ever venturing into homes, it is likely Small Eyed Snakes pass through yards frequently unnoticed.

What Are Its Similar Species?

Small Eyed Snakes look similar to Red Bellied Black Snakes except their belly is slightly pinker. Small Eyed Snakes can also look similar to Marsh Snakes.

Did You Know?

  • The Small Eyed Snakes in the South are typically smaller than the specimens from the North.
  • Male Small Eyed Snakes are much larger than females.
  • Small Eyed Snakes are a communal snake and it is not unlikely to find three or more Snakes in one area.
  • The colours on the belly of the Small Eyed Snake do not extend up as high as the Red Belly, differentiating the two.
  • It is likely that Small Eyed Snakes are both an active foraging Snake species aswell as an ambush predator.

A Snake Catchers Story…

“I was sent a photo of a small Snake in a shoe rack. The homeowner captioned the photo ‘he is only little, I don’t think he is dangerous’. The Snake was a Small Eyed Snake, and I promptly responded letting the homeowner know they shouldn’t go near it. When I arrived the Snake was foraging in and around the homeowner’s shoes! I tailed the Snake which was only about 30cm. Small Eyes are so pleasant to the touch, and generally friendly Snakes. This fella was no different.”