How To Get Rid Of A Snake In Logan

When you’re working in your backyard and spot a snake, the first instinct for many is to panic. Some people reach for something to kill it with, and others move as far away from the snake as possible. Although they inspire fear in many Australians, snakes aren’t there to hurt you. They probably found their way into your yard in search of food and a sunny place to rest. When you spot one, you may naturally be wondering how to get rid of a snake in Logan, and that’s where SEQ Snake Catchers come in. We’re a local 24/7 emergency snake catcher service committed to providing safe, gentle relocations across Logan. We’re committed to ensuring Logan families and pets are safe and that snakes live in habitats away from humans where they can thrive. Here’s what you should do if you spot a snake in your backyard.

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What should you do when you find a snake in or around your home?

For most people, adrenaline kicks in the moment they lay eyes on their slithery unwanted visitor. When you find a snake, take a deep breath and follow these steps.

The most important thing you can do is leave the snake alone. In Australia, native wildlife is protected by law, so any attempt to kill the snake is illegal. If you’ve thought about catching the snake, you should definitely reconsider. It’s difficult to identify a snake’s species without getting up close and personal, even for experienced experts. The best thing you can do is walk away slowly and try not to disturb the snake.

Whether the snake is inside or outside the house, you need to make sure everyone stays away from the area, including any pets you might have.

If you’ve spotted a snake inside your home, close the door to the room if possible. Then, wedge a towel under the door to prevent the snake from leaving.

Common advice for handling snakes suggests that if you find a snake in your backyard, leave it and see if it goes away on its own. We can understand the logic behind this advice, however, we recommend calling 24/7 emergency snake catchers anyway. At SEQ Snake Catchers, we understand that snakes don’t like coexisting with humans any more than we enjoy sharing a home with them. So when we relocate snakes, we take them somewhere they can live peacefully and thrive in their natural environment. If you let the snake slither off, there’s a chance it could come back and harm your pets or loved ones. So it’s always a safer option to relocate.

Which suburbs do we service?

SEQ Snake Catchers offer services across the wider Logan region. Our call-out fee will stay at a fixed price no matter how far away you might be. Here are just a few of the suburbs we cover in the Logan area;

Rochedale South Kingston
Beenleigh Loganlea
Underwood Marsden
Springwood Crestmead
Rochedale Waterford
Slacks Creek Edens Landing
Logan Central Loganholme
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Wondering how to get rid of a snake in Logan ? Get in touch with the team at SEQ Snake Catchers today.

Just like us, a variety of snakes call South East Queensland home. However, these slithery little fellas sometimes wind up in places they aren’t always welcome. That’s where the team at SEQ Snake Catchers comes in. We’re here to safely and gently remove and relocate snakes from your property to a suitable and safe habitat. So, next time you’ve got a long, scaly, unwanted visitor and you’re wondering how to get rid of a snake in Logan, call SEQ Snake Catchers, your local 24/7 emergency snake catcher. With just one flat fee and expert services, your uninvited guest will be gone in no time. So, give the team at SEQ Snake Catchers a call today.