6 Signs You May Have A Snake In Your Home

Snakes are simple creatures – they want food and a sunny place to rest – and somethings, the perfect spot for those things is in your home. Although snakes occasionally crop up in inconvenient places, they typically don’t like occupying the same place as people, so when they spot you, they’ll probably hide somewhere dark and safe. This skittish behaviour can make it difficult to know whether or not you have a snake in your home, but there are signs you can look for to indicate whether or not you’re sharing a living space with a scaly tenant. SEQ Snake Catchers are your local 24/7 emergency snake catchers committed to providing safe, gentle relocations across Ipswich. We’re committed to ensuring Logan families and pets are safe and that snakes live in habitats away from humans where they can thrive. If you spot the telltale signs and are wondering how to get rid of a snake in Ipswich, our team of experts is here to help.

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6 Signs You Might Be Sharing Your Home With A Snake

Snakes can be tricky to find, but they always tend to leave evidence behind to indicate they’re close by. Here are six signs to look out for when inspecting your property.

Shedding is a vital part of a snake’s growth and development, and unlike captive snakes, wild ones won’t typically eat their shed. So, you might see discarded snakeskins near where the snake is living.

If a snake has made its home in your walls, ceiling, or plumbing, you may hear it moving around at night. Nests of newly hatched snakes tend to make quite a bit of noise, so it’s a good indicator of snakes on the property. You may also hear unusual movements coming from gardens or shrubbery as a snake makes its way through.

Snake faeces look like bird poop, so they can be easy to miss. However, snake poop tends to have small bones or feathers from digested prey, so you can easily differentiate between bird and snake droppings.

As creatures that slither along the ground, snakes leave a very identifiable track. If you notice snake tracks around your property, call in the experts at SEQ Snake Catchers. If you think the snake may be inside the house, leave plain flour in places that get a lot of heat and direct sun. If a snake is in the home, it’ll leave tracks in the flour.

It sounds weird, but snakes have a very distinctive smell. It’s quite musky, and people have likened the aroma of venomous snakes to rotting cucumber. If you smell something unusual near dark, confined spaces, it might be a snake.

It’s a bit obvious, but if you physically see a snake, there’s a high chance it made its home somewhere nearby. If you spot a snake in or around your home, don’t attempt to kill it or move it yourself. Instead, call the experts at SEQ Snake Catchers.

Which suburbs do we service?

SEQ Snake Catchers offer services across the wider Ipswich region. Our call-out fee will stay at a fixed price no matter how far away you might be. Here are just a few of the suburbs we cover in the Ipswich area;

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Deebing Heights Eastern Heights Wulkuraka
Springfield Silkstone Coalfalls
Collingwood Park Booval Woodend
Fernvale Raceview Brassall
Redbank Plains Flinders View Basin Pocket
Brassall Yamanto Tivoli
Spring Mountain Churchill Amberley
Redbank One Mile Karrabin
East Ipswich Leichhardt Blacksoil
Newton West Ipswich

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Just like us, a variety of snakes call South East Queensland home. However, these slithery little fellas sometimes wind up in places they aren’t always welcome. That’s where the team at SEQ Snake Catchers comes in. We’re here to safely and gently remove and relocate snakes from your property to a suitable and safe habitat. So, next time you’ve got a long, scaly, unwanted visitor and you’re wondering how to get rid of a snake in Ipswich, call SEQ Snake Catchers, your local 24/7 emergency snake catcher. With just one flat fee and expert services, your uninvited guest will be gone in no time. So, give the team at SEQ Snake Catchers a call today.