How Much Does A Snake Catcher Cost In Brisbane East’s Bayside?

Snakes are an essential part of Queensland’s unique ecosystem. They’re predators of a number of rodents, birds, insects, and amphibians and a food source for a range of native birds, such as kookaburras, owls, and other snakes. Snakes are vital to Queensland, so when they turn up in our homes, garages, backyards, or sheds, they mustn’t meet an untimely end. SEQ Snake Catchers provide a safe, gentle relocation service across Brisbane. We ensure Brisbane families and pets are safe and that snakes live in a habitat where they can thrive. You might be wondering, ‘Why should I hire a snake catcher?’ or ‘How much does a snake catcher cost in Brisbane?’. Well, SEQ Snake Catchers have all the answers right here.

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So, how much does a snake catcher cost?

Finding snakes in Brisbane’s eastern bayside suburbs isn’t uncommon; that’s where a lot of their food sources live! So, we often have clients asking about snake removal costs in Carindale, Wynnum, Capalaba, Gumdale, Manly and the surrounding areas. At SEQ Snake Catchers, we charge a flat rate fee, regardless of the snake species, travel time, location, or call-out time. Often, if you’re researching snake catcher costs in Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba, Gumdale, or the surrounding areas, you’ll find the catchers charge a range of fees and additional costs depending on the job. However, we believe if you’ve got a snake in your home, you’ve got enough stress to deal with, hence our flat rate.

Why should you call a snake catcher in the first place?

When researching a snake catcher in Brisbane, the price in Gumdale, Capalaba, Wynnum, Manly and the surrounding areas is the first query, quickly followed by, ‘Wait, why do I even need a snake catcher? I can take care of it myself.’ Well, here are a few reasons why you should give the team at SEQ Snake Catchers a call.

Some species of snake are harmless noodles, but others are incredibly venomous, and by attempting to relocate or kill one, you put your own safety at risk. You may even be risking your life. 90% of snake bites occur when the bite victim tries to remove or interfere with the snake, so we’d suggest leaving it to the experts.

Snakes, even the venomous kinds, play a vital role in our ecosystem. That’s why killing snakes in Australia is illegal under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

At SEQ Snake Catchers, we have a deep passion for wildlife conservation, so the safety and well-being of the snakes we catch are incredibly important to us. When you call a Brisbane snake catcher to Capalaba, Wynnum, Manly, Carindale, or any of the surrounding bayside suburbs, we’ll ensure the snake is caught and released in a location away from people where it can thrive.

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Wondering how much a snake catcher costs in Brisbane East’s Bayside? Get in touch with the team at SEQ Snake Catchers today.

Just like us, a variety of snakes called South East Queensland home. However, sometimes, these slithery little fellas sometimes wind up in places they aren’t always welcome. That’s where the team at SEQ Snake Catchers comes in. We’re here to safely and gently remove and relocate snakes from your property to a suitable and safe habitat. So, next time you’ve got a long, scaly, unwanted visitor and you’re wondering, ‘how much does a snake catcher charge in Wynnum again?’, just remember that SEQ Snake Catchers have one flat fee, and the snake will be gone. So, what are you waiting for? Give the team at SEQ Snake Catchers a call today.