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Eastern Brown Snake - watch your step v2

Eastern Brown Snake Is It Dangerous? The Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous land Snake on earth behind the Inland Taipan. Its venom contains neurotoxins and blood coagulants which, if left untreated, will ultimately kill. The venom causes paralysis in dogs and cats, and the most frequent cause of death for humans after […]

SEQ Snake Catcher servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan - large snake caught on a vacant lot with a meal in its stomach 2

Epic Snake Catcher Experience by Nat, SEQ Snake Catchers located in Brisbane  It was a warm day, and funnily enough, I was about to leave home to pick up my new pet snake.   A beautiful platinum spotted python. Just as I was about to get on the road, I received a call from a lady […]