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SEQ Snake Catcher servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan – black snake in grass

Have you seen a snake at home? As Brisbane days get warmer and we head outdoors, it’s also the time for snakes to emerge from their winter slumber to seek warmth in your backyard. When ascertaining why a Snake may be sighted, we often talk about pressures, or in other words a force compelling a […]

SEQ Snake Catcher servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan - large snake caught on a vacant lot with a meal in its stomach 2

Brisbane Snake Season: 5 Reasons You May Be Seeing Snakes One of the most frequently asked questions we get on jobs is ‘why was the Snake here and will it come back?’ A fundamental understanding of why a Snake may be in your home or garden is key to preventing future encounters. When ascertaining why […]

Close up of the head of a red bellied black snake

RED-BELLY BLACK SNAkE Is it dangerous? The Red-Belly is a highly venomous species of snake in the Black Snake Family. As with all Snakes, biting you is its last resort, and Red Bellies are well known to headbutt would be victims multiple times before resorting to a bite! If you do get bitten however, symptoms […]

Eastern Brown Snake | Brisbane Snake Removal

Eastern Brown Snake Is It Dangerous? The Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous land Snake on earth behind the Inland Taipan. Its venom contains neurotoxins and blood coagulants which, if left untreated, will ultimately kill. The venom causes paralysis in dogs and cats, and the most frequent cause of death for humans after […]

SEQ Snake Catcher servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan - large snake caught on a vacant lot with a meal in its stomach 2

Epic Snake Catcher Experience by Nat, SEQ Snake Catchers located in Brisbane  It was a warm day, and funnily enough, I was about to leave home to pick up my new pet snake.   A beautiful platinum spotted python. Just as I was about to get on the road, I received a call from a lady […]

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I want to preface this entry by saying it serves as a fitting warning to anyone that doesn’t take snakes seriously. I had just recently completed my venomous snake-handling course, had a few callouts under my belt and was full of bravado. The kind of bravado that makes you a little over confident. I was […]

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When I first decided to pursue snake catching, I had many stressed conversations and restless nights thinking about that one Snake. The Eastern Brown. Our countries deadliest snake, responsible for over 60% of Australia’s snake bite deaths. I heard stories when I was a kid about Browns chasing people up trees, biting pets multiple times, […]

SEQ Snake Catchers logo

It was about 3pm when the phone rang. It was the third call of the day, and I was keen to get it underway. The bloke on the other end of the phone told me he worked as supermarket manager and had recently seen a medium size snake slither through the back carpark. I got […]