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Rough Scaled Snake

Is It Dangerous? The Rough Scaled Snake is an extremely dangerous Elapid Snake with high potency venom. Its venom contains a powerful presynaptic and pot-synaptic neurotoxic aswell as powerful coagulants and myotoxins. It is a ready biter and will not dry bite. If provoked, the Rough Scaled Snake may bite multiple times. It is responsible […]

Small Eyed Snake

Is It Dangerous? The Small Eyed Snake is a highly venomous species of snake with dangerously potent myotoxic venom. The culprit in at least one case involving a human death, it is likely responsible for many more. It is aggressive when cornered and will bite multiple times when it has to. When it does not […]

Spotted Python

Is It Dangerous? The Spotted Python is a species of constrictor Snake and is non-venomous. Due to its small size it is a relatively harmless Snake, however its bite can still cause nasty lacerations aswell as infections. Where Would You Find It? Spotted Pythons can thrive in any habitat and ecosystem in South East Queensland. […]


Is It Dangerous? The White-Crowned Snake is extremely mildly venomous, although this venom is off low toxicity. They are very calm natured and must be heavily antagonized to bit. Their fangs are very small and are unlikely to penetrate a line of clothing. Where Would You Find It? White Crowned Snakes live in all kinds […]

Brown Tree Snake

Is It Dangerous? The Brown Tree Snake is a venomous species of Colubrid. Due to their rear fanged nature, a bite from a Brown Tree Snake is unlikely but still possible. The venom is weakly neurotoxic, meant to disable and subdue Lizards. Bites are painful but ultimately non-life-threatening. Despite their relatively weak venom and unlikelihood […]

Blind Snake

Is It Dangerous? The Blind Snake is a non-venomous and totally inoffensive species which shares more attributes with a worm than it does a Snake. Blind Snakes cannot bite however can produce a foul odour to deter attackers. Where Would You Find It? Blind Snakes are commonly found in the garden when shifting leaf litter […]

Dwarf Crowned Snake

Is It Dangerous? Dwarf Crowned Snakes are very weakly venomous however are very reluctant to bite. They bluff aggressively, throwing themselves around and feinting striking. Their fangs are also exceedingly small and are unlikely to pierce the skin. Where Would You Find It? Dwarf Crowned Snakes spend a good majority of their time underground, foraging […]

Marsh Snake

Is It Dangerous? The Marsh Snake is a venomous species of Elapid Snake. It has front facing fangs and has venom which cause symptoms ranging from nausea, headaches, severe local pain, swelling and muscle soreness. Its venom features procoagulants. Where Would You Find It? In keeping with their namesake, the Marsh Snake is almost exclusively […]


Is It Dangerous? The Keelback Snake is a non-venomous species of Colubrid Snake which means they possess rear facing fangs. They can still bite however and bites will require sterilisation. They are a very inoffensive Snake unless provoked. Where Would You Find It? Keelbacks prefer environments close to water sources to hunt their favourite foods. […]


Is It Dangerous? The Golden Crowned Snake is a venomous species of Snake however, like all Crowned Snake species, is has small fangs and the venom is weak. The Golden Crowned Snake will strike repeatedly at attackers, but will rarely do so with an open mouth. This is more to intimidate than envenomate. It is […]