20% Chance your car has a snake in it

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It was about 3pm when the phone rang. It was the third call of the day, and I was keen to get it underway. The bloke on the other end of the phone told me he worked as supermarket manager and had recently seen a medium size snake slither through the back carpark. I got to the call quickly but unfortunately, by the time I had gotten there the snake has vanished from sight. The area was the definition of a cement jungle. The only place the snake could hide was underneath one of five cars, and the worried onlookers assured me it had gone no further. I knew then that this was not going to be easy.

I got down on my back and slid under each car, carefully assessing my surroundings, as I had no confirmed ID on what type of snake it was. After a half an hour or so, I was able to clear the underneath of all 5 cars, but where too from there? The onlookers said there was no way it wasn’t under or now in, one of the cars. So I decided the next port of call was to turn each car on and hopefully scare out our scaly friend. To do this I had to interrupt the day of five Supermarket employees who I assure you were less than stoked that a snake may be in their car! I went to each car, turned it on and waited nearby with my hook and hoop bag, ready to pounce on any snake that came out. Nothing. ‘Are you sure you saw a snake?’ the onlookers joked with the manager. ‘Do snakes often just disappear?’

At this point, there was little left to do but pop the hood on each vehicle. The first three cars turned up nothing. By this point people were beginning to disperse. The fourth again failed to hold a snake but then came the fifth. As I popped the hood, I heard a rustle to my right, then out of the corner of my eye I see a glimmer of scales in the sunlight… and the distinct green with light blue flecks. I grab the part of the snake I can see, ‘Got him!’ I exclaim. Everyone that remained lingering, past failures still hanging recently in mind, thought I was kidding. I wrestle the snake, inch by inch, away from his new mechanical home. After about ten minutes, he succumbs, and I carry the Tree Snake over to the onlookers, hands now sooty, but I didn’t care because there was a snake in them. This little fella sure made me work for my money with the ordeal taking over 2 hours, and every step of the way seemed like a callout that would not result in a capture. Very glad I was able to hang in there and relocate our little friend unharmed.