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We are your humane Brisbane snake catcher and snake removal and rescue service in Brisbane, and surrounds. With over 10 years experience we get to you fast, catch the snake and relocate it to safe environment away from people.


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We Are Your Brisbane Snake Catcher

SEQ Snake Catchers are a family owned business providing fast, cheap and reliable snake catching and reptile relocation services. If you have scaled intruders, or univited reptile guests hiding in your garage or gardens, or anywhere in your home, we will come out day or night to rescue the snake and keep your family safe. Please to not attempt to touch the snake without proper snake identification. We are locally based in South East Queensland, servicing all areas of Brisbane North, Central, and South of Brisbane down to the Gold Coast, and out west to Ipswich, we pride ourselves on our snake catcher Rapid Response services. We are a 100% Australian Owned. Also, we have more then 10 years of snake removal experience and we are fully licenced and insured for both residential and commercial properties.

Reptile Removal Service Areas

SEQ is a family owned snake catcher business providing fast, cheap and reliable snake removal services and relocations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you come across a snake, don’t try to play the hero, instead, think like a Spotted Python and stay calm, keep your distance and the snake in sight. Then, call us immediately and we guide you over the phone and provide instructions based on the situation. If possible, we may ask for a photo of the snake to help identify it.

For pricing details, please get in touch with us. We believe in simplicity and fairness, just like the Small Eyed Snake, a species that prefers a simple life near water sources. You don’t need the added stress of unexpected costs when dealing with a potentially dangerous snake in your home.

After we catch snakes we release the reptile to a suitable and safe habitat.

After we catch Snakes we are required by law to release the reptile in suitable habitat, as close as possible to the place of capture, having appropriate regard for public safety. It’s rare for snakes to return to the place they were caught unless there was a reason for them to be there, such as food, shelter, or potential mates. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to deter these attractions. Snake-proofing your bird cages, hamster pens, and chicken coops with fine mesh and keeping your pets indoors when possible (especially at night) can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering snakes on your property.

We catch all types of snakes, (including the eastern brown snake), lizards and reptiles and relocate them to new homes away from humans and pets. If you need snake removal, contact us today.

We service all of South East Queensland including the Greater Brisbane region, Logan, Ipswich, The Gold Coast and Redland Bay.

Brisbane Snake Season: 5 Reasons You May Be Seeing Snakes

One of the most frequently asked questions we get on jobs is ‘why was the Snake here and will it come back?’ A fundamental understanding of why a Snake may be in your home or garden is key to preventing future encounters. When ascertaining why a Snake may be sighted, we often talk about pressures, or in other words a force compelling a Snake to fulfil its natural instinct. In this article we will run through the top 5 reasons we find snakes moving onto properties, and ways you can mitigate these to reduce encounters. Continue reading…


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